Corporate Activities in Swansea

A happy workforce can lead to increased productivity, staff retention & a higher level of morale. Success in the workplace is often down to teamwork and communication, which are the fundamentals of a day of paintballing at Teamforce.

A happy workforce is proven to boost staff morale and increase workplace productivity, which makes it difficult to find a suitable activity for everyone. We’ve designed our corporate activities in Swansea to be suitable for all ages, genders & abilities so anyone in the workplace can take part.

Paintball is not only a fun filled day out for your employees, but will prove to be a big hit in helping identify raw potential in staff who excel in and around the gamezones.

Our corporate activities are different to anything else out there, as they take place in the great outdoors where we offer lots of fun and excitement for you and your staff. We know that working as part of a team can bring out the best in everyone and at Teamforce we want to help you and your workforce reach their full potential.



See what teambuilding activities we can offer you and your your staff to help encourage teamwork, communication and morale!


Swansea City F.C, Gower College, Admiral Insurance & Olchfa Comprehensive school are just a handful of previous customers at Teamforce. Find out more here


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At Teamforce we’ve seen shy & quiet staff members blossom out in our game zones as they take charge and organise others. We’ve seen new, older & nervous employees gain newfound confidence to portray new ideas in the workplace after their paintball experience at Teamforce.

We’ve even had previous paintballing staff members at Teamforce where they’ve been extremely shy & nervous before but have gone on to become vocal, confident & integral parts of our growing team. At Teamforce we’ve seen first hand just how much a paintball environment can help develop personalities & productivity with the perfect activity.