Junior Paintball Equipment

Here are our protective paintball goggles, battle packs, weapons & paintball guns that we issue to every player at Teamforce.

Paintball Markers

For junior paintball we use the FT-50 marker which fires our smaller and lighter pellets at a speed that replicates paintball but has less of an impact. The FT-50’s are great because they let everyone have the same amount of fun as regular paintball with lower impact paintballs!

Paintball Goggles

These goggles provide full face and eye protection that has a integral anti-fog lens and nylon stretch straps. This paintball mask also comes with an adjustable chin-strap to ensure that they are secured properly for maximum safety.

Protective Overalls

Here at Teamforce we have a wide range of overalls ranging from children’s sizes all the way up to XXXL for adults. These are great for protecting your clothing when you play paintball at our paintball centre in Wales.


Our Tactical Battle Packs are perfect for adults and children alike who want to  carry extra ammo into paintball missions that require additional supplies.